Air cadets are celebrating after successfully passing their exams..

A number of cadets from 51 (Orton) Squadron Air Cadets have been celebrating there success in passing recent classification exam.

Air Cadet ClassificationCadet Marcus Subden, was successful in completing his Leading Cadet Classification which, saw him taking exams in the subjects of Principles of Flight, Airmanship and Basic Navigation. This is of course is no mean task and the Cadet Subden has studied hard to gain his certificate. Cadet Subden said "The Exams are not easy; you have to make sure you complete your training to be able to pass".

It wasn't only leading cadet classifications awarded for cadets hard work, Cadet Kieran Robinett was also rewarded for his studies with receiving his Senior Classification, Cadet Robinett studied, Satellite Communications, Radio and Radar and Air Navigation. Cadet Robinett said, "You have to be really committed to pass these exams, but it is good fun, and I especially enjoyed the Radio Comms section."

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