74 Years On.

I hereby solemnly promise on my honour
To serve my Unit loyally
and to be faithful to my obligations
as a member of the Air Training Corps.
I further promise to be a good citizen
and to do my duty to God and the Queen,
my country and my Flag.
ATC Sunday ATC Sunday

As some 100 cadets and staff join together to celebrate in the form of a parade and a church service of thanksgiving, the above Oath unites each one of them in the unique commitment that each volunteer and cadet gives to the Air Training Corp and the Aims and Motto which it upholds. Nothing therefore could be more fitting than for each member new and old to renew their Oath being led by The Regional Chaplain.

This year's celebrations for the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing Northern Sector met at St Ives, where the local squadron 2331 (St Ives) had organised a parade fitting for the occasion through the centre of St Ives,which saw the streets lined by proud parents and public alike. Joining St Ives on the parade were ourselves 51 (Orton) Sqn, 1406 (Spalding) Sqn, 511 (Ramsey) Sqn, 2430 (Holbech) Sqn, 115 (Peterborough) Sqn, 272 (Wisbech) Sqn, 1220 (March) Sqn.

Flight Sergeant Robinett of 51 (Orton) Squadron said "It was so nice to see so many new faces from 51 joining the parade today, and he hopes that they get as much out of the ATC as he has and asks them to keep up the good work."

Many of the cadets on parade today, were participating in their last ATC Sunday parade as a cadet as at the age of 20 they either need to leave the Corp or move to being a member of staff of which many do. However for every cadet that leaves the Corp we are delighted to have new cadets join us where they too can grow from strength to strength, gain qualifications and skills which will set them up for a life time.

Commanding Officer of 51 (Orton) Sqn Flt Lt Andrew Mason, said "The squadron once again did him proud, as he knew they would."

If you would like to be a member of 51 (Orton) Squadron, why not visit our website www.51sqnatc.co.uk or pop in for an informal chat any Tuesday or Wednesday night between 19:15 and 21:00 hours at our own squadron.

Natasha Robinett Media Comms Officer 51 Orton Squadron